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I’ve been MIA, just as I work out a balance of work, working at home, baby duties and webcomic, I go and switch jobs for something with a more regular schedual, and while adapting to a 9 to 5, and still getting tied up with baby duties while wife conks out, updates fell to the wayside. So here’s Killbot, shouting about demos. and yes, I can’t draw people running.


So another missed week, started a new job that while it might bury me alive in overtime from the horror stories I’m hearing, I might be able to get back on a semi-regular schedual without daykiller shifts, will get back on a roll with the comic. in the meantime, playing with some ideas for a mascot for Omegamart. Kind of have this whole idea of Raptorco., the parent company, being some warped Disneyesq corporation that practically rules what’s left of Earth. the company is named after a dinosaur, and their mascot is a cartoon goat. I’m sure there’s a joke there, but I’m just not getting it.

1. Elder Custy

ultramart 10x6

Welcome to OmegaMart’s first comic!

I used to do a webcomic years ago called Dwarftossing, that petered out and I hit a wall with it just as people were actually reading it.

This is take 2 on the whole webcomic thing, I’m going to try to update weekly, But with work, kids, wife, etc. can’t always guarantee.

And yes, this has happened…sort of.