Xmas Muzik: revisited

This is sort of a remake, years ago when I worked at Home Depot, and heard the tinny sounds of “I want a hppopotomus for xmas’m for the nth time, and was ready to blow my brains out, I drew a robot doing it instead. I just escalated it to Killbot’s reaction to Whamaggedon. the original’s below.

Holiday Safety Vid

I realize I’m doing a crap job meeting my update schedule, but fulltime job, freelance work and baby duty kind of derailed things. Just getting back into the flow of it.

For the first time in years, i have Black Friday off, mostly watching my daughter while my wife ubers shoppers around, but I’m looking forward to not being in a store. I also realize I need to take alot more time when drawing hordes, that last panel was rushed.

Robots do not understand ‘Thanksgiving’

high art

So somehow my surface pen has been misplaced. my apartment’s currently torn apart already while we wait, and wait, for the property company to get around to fixing our A/C (we had book cases making it a difficult path to the hvac closet the unit is in) So until it shows itself, I found out I draw just as good with my finger!